Aaron Minc has become a force to reckon when it comes to internet libel. He is an attorney that has focused his efforts on helping victims of internet harassment, especially revenge pornography. He has become the go to guy when it comes to fighting back against revenge pornography defamation.


Revenge pornography is a form of cyber bullying where mostly a disgruntled partner post compromising media such as nude photos as means of trying to get back at their partner. But also in some cases, it's just a malicious hacker who just wants to embarrass a person by posting private media of them online. But the regardless of the perpetrator, the end game is usually the same, and that is to psychologically hurt the victim by extremely shaming them.


Now, in an interview by Mona Kosar of Cleveland 5 news, attorney Minc gave his view on the issue of revenge pornography defamation. This was after the media going into a frenzy about two celebrities who have been fighting the same vice. Minc said that the aggrieved party in this situation should seek legal action against the aggressor. He says that the vice has broken marriages and made students drop out of school.


Legal protection is all you can have when it comes to internet attacks. It was unfortunate that this case that Revenge Porn attorney Aaron was referring to just happened to be in Ohio, a state that still hasn't passed bill 353. This is the bill that criminalizes any type of revenge pornography.


This leaves the victims of this atrocity defenseless in Ohio and other states that are yet to criminalize the act. Currently, thirty-eight states have adopted bill 353 to help in fighting revenge pornography. Know about Attorney Aaron Minc Interviewed Cleveland News 5 here!



There is still hope for the unfortunate victims though. As Aaron Minc said in the interview, in case the state in which you reside doesn't have laws that criminalize the vice, as in the case of the celebrities mentioned earlier, one can use other legislations to help in fighting back the aggressor, removing the damaging content online and even suing for damages due to the psychological torment caused to the victim of the defamation.  Some of the alternative legal recourse includes the use of laws targeting child pornography. He goes on to say that you can use civil law to get a restraining order or to get help through intrusion upon seclusion, which is a form of invasion of privacy. If you want to learn more about defamation attorneys, you can visit