Due to failure by Ohio to pass Bill 353 that criminalizes revenge adult content, Aaron Minc appeared in an interview with Cleveland 5's Mona Kosar regarding the Defamation Removal Law. Nationally recognized as a lawyer who helps revenge adult content victims, Aaron spearheads the technological drive to eliminate defamatory content from the internet, identifying anonymous users, and combating cyber threats.


According to Aaron, Ohio lacks a law that criminalizes revenge of adult content complicating a victim's efforts to seek restitution. Although Ohio lacks a revenge adult content law, he suggests that victims should seek redress under other legal provisions such as legislation that targets child violation content, harassment, or voyeurism. Passage of the Defamation Removal Law makes revenge adult content a first-degree misdemeanor with a penalty of $1000 or 180 days in jail for purveying revenge adult content.


 If convicted of subsequent violations, it can result in a felony conviction. Aaron Minc, an Ohio revenge adult content attorney, expounds that the law of defamation removal, Senate Bill 353, requires employers to make allowances for victims of revenge adult content unless credible extenuating circumstances are preventing them from doing so. The defamation bill further prohibits educational institutions from denying victims scholarship or other financial assistance. 


Whether the bill passes in Ohio's Senate depends on achieving the right consensus between sponsoring Democrats and a Republican controlled Ohio Senate. Adoption of the Defamation Removal Law by Ohio will send a message that distribution of revenge adult content is unacceptable and has consequences. This law provides victims who cannot afford private legal services, legal redress through the criminal justice system. Know about Defamation Removal Law here!


Minc says the bill sends the signal that the courts and the police regard perpetration of online abuse as physical violence. Victims can get civil restraining orders or remedies such as intrusion upon seclusion. Revenge adult content comprises invasion of privacy that Attorney Aaron Minc says has lasting emotional and psychological impacts on victims. He says that in the course of his career he has witnessed revenge adult content destroys marriages, careers, education, and ruin people's lives. Fight Back Against Revenge Porn today!



Minc has represented different clients globally inclusive of individuals, small enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, state institutions, NGOs, and celebrities among others. With his expertise in anti-defamation practice, he is the go to internet defamation and revenge adult content lawyer in Ohio. Minc has successfully litigated over 100 internet defamation cases in 19 states and three countries with substantial removal of defamatory content in almost all his lawsuits. To gain more knowledge about Internet Defamation Attorney, go to